Group Dance Lessons

A Group Dance Lesson is the most entertaining way to learn how to dance. Our instructors, dance syllabus and schedule help create a pleasant environment where you can gain the most out of your time.

As you master all the combinations in each level and style, you have the opportunity of meeting and dancing with new people. This enables you to practice and at the same time define your own technique and style.

We offer group dance lessons in the following styles:

NY Style Salsa (On2)- Tues/Wed/Thurs

All MAMBO (NY Style Salsa) Group Lessons at our PALM SPRINGS STUDIO are structured in a 4 week Progressive Course with MANDATORY Registration required.*Drop In classes are ONLY available for the Beginner I Mambo Series WITH placement testing.

  • Tuesday 7:30pm- Progressive Beginner 1 & 2 Mambo Series (55 min.)
  • Tuesday 8:30pm- *Progressive Adv. Beg & Intermediate Mambo Series (55 min.) *Successful completion of the Beg. I Mambo Series is required to register for this class.*
  • Wednesday 8:30pm- Beginner Mambo $10 pay as you go @ Mojito in City Place
  • Thursday 7:30pm- Progressive Beginner 1 & 2 Mambo Series (55 min.)


  • Wednesday 7:30pm- Beginner Bachata @ Mojito in City Place

Register for a Progressive Course on the Pricing page. Check out our Schedule to see when each class is offered.