It is never too late to take dance lessons!

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It is never too late to take dance lessons!

The #1 question that people ask me is….

“I have never danced before and have 2 left feet. Do you think I can still learn?”


“I’m too old and have never really had any rhythm. Do you think I can still learn?”

My answer is plain and simple, YES!

Now, will you become an overnight sensation? Let’s be realistic….probably not. However, with practice and determination you will definitely become proficient in dancing. If you are this determined to learn, remember, you’re only enemy is yourself. Not every class will feel like you get it on the first try, however you cannot have a defeated mentality because then you will never move forward with your dancing. It’s like you take 1 step forward and 2 steps back! At this pace it will be an eternity before you feel confident on the dance floor!

Next, consider investing in Private lessons. Yes it can be costly for some, however, with the right instructor you can move mountains! Then comes and extremely important factor…..WHO is teaching you?! Do your homework. There are plenty of “instructors” out there, that are NOT instructors. Just because you learned how to dance does NOT mean you can teach. That is just the truth! Who did your instructor study with? How long have they been dancing? How long have they been teaching?

Once you found the right instructor or instructors. Commit yourself fully! Mind, Body and Soul. There is nothing more rewarding than your HAPPINESS!

Love Always,

Kathy Sarria